Miss her? (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of December 8 – 12:

This week focused solely on the storyline surrounding Hope losing the baby and it was also her last week on the canvas. Thoughts:

He’s gone.
It obviously took Wyatt a little longer to come to terms with how dangerous Quinn could be because she’s his mother. In any case, it was Liam who came to Hope’s assistance after she fell down the stairs and rushed her to the hospital. As predicted in last week’s “B&B” Breakdown, Liam didn’t believe Quinn was innocent. Liam was also the one who comforted Hope over the loss of the baby while Wyatt argued with Deacon over the need to put a restraining order on Quinn, having no idea it was already too late. Ack.

Problems in the family.
In another ironic twist, Deacon and Bill finally found something they could agree on – that a restraining order would allow Quinn to show she could ‘behave’ for a period of time which would maybe lead to Hope letting her back in the fold at some point – this as Wyatt was rushing to the hospital following a shocking encounter with a deeply rattled Quinn only to learn the baby was gone and it was a boy.

All you had to do.
The most dramatic episode with the most powerful performances was without a doubt Wednesday, when Deacon reacted to Quinn telling him Hope had fallen down the stairs. “All you had to do was leave her alone!” So good. The bad news then spread as Liam made calls and Spencers and Logans rallied around Hope and Wyatt at the hospital. Very emotional. At the episode’s end, Deacon called Quinn and told her the baby was gone. We didn’t even hear what he said, and say what you will about Quinn, her anguish was palpable.