A terrible accident.

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 2000 when a struggle resulted in a fatal accident…

Quinn is facing backlash from various people due to her continued interference and the argument that happened prior to Hope’s fall down the stairs. Years ago, an argument led to Carmen Arena’s death. Deacon Sharpe had initially been using his son Little D as the pawn of a bidding war between those who loved him. His girlfriend Carmen hadn’t been fond of the boy living with her and Deacon and her jealousy heightened when Deacon’s attraction to Amber Moore became undeniable.

Carmen took the baby and raced off with Deacon and Amber following her. When they caught up to Carmen, she threatened the boy’s life if they didn’t stand back. Deacon and Amber refused to let anything happen to Little D, jumped into action and struggled with Carmen to save him. However, in the process Carmen ended up dying.

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