Off my property! (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of December 1 – 5:

We seem to have gone through some sort of “B&B” time warp, as Hope, who just announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago, was having a baby shower and showing a substantial bump. Thoughts:

Subtle, real subtle.
So Wyatt and Hope both stopped in separately at Liam’s house to chew over the romantic boat ride with Ivy. Wyatt basically wanted to know if they hooked up afterward and sealed the deal, and Hope, much to her surprise, learned that Liam had told Ivy he loved her. After she digested that news she did a convincing routine on being happy for him, and then let him feel her bump. A little nod to those who still believe the baby might somehow be Liam’s.

Sleep with one eye open.
The conversation between Liam and Deacon at the warehouse was a highlight of the week. Deacon has some of the best one-liners and delivery!

No men folk allowed.
Those who anticipated that the baby shower would mean an excess of giggling and high-pitched squealing were certainly not disappointed – and that was just Hope. Her voice was about three octaves higher than normal for the occasion. We love a good gathering, and at this one the highlights were the quick snipe between Caroline and Maya, and Quinn lurking, fondling and sniffing things…not to mention stealing that huge slab of cake. Was anyone else somewhat concerned when she picked up the knife?