Trapping a Forrester.

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2002 when Erica Lovejoy set her sights on Rick Forrester…

Rick is currently at the center of Maya’s obsession. Years ago, another woman planned to trap him with a pregnancy. Erica aka Mary Warwick first met Rick at a party and later began working as his son’s (Little Eric’s) nanny. When Erica’s mother Sheila Carter arrived in town, Erica was unaware of her past and allowed her to talk her into seducing Rick, who she already had feelings for, in order to get pregnant with a Forrester baby.

Sheila cleared the path to Rick for her daughter by holding his wife Amber hostage. During a phone call to Massimo, Stephanie Forrester recognized Sheila’s voice and put two and two together, realizing Erica was in fact Sheila and James Warwick’s daughter Mary. Stephanie called someone and had them go to Rick with the truth while she and Massimo rushed off to save Amber.

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