Credit: Don Diamont as Bill, Jr. (CBS)

With Karen Spencer returning to B&B on April 28 and Bill Spencer, Jr., hitting town on May 12 (read more about that here) thought we’d give fans a brief reminder of who the Spencers are.

Before Ridge found his destiny in Brooke, he was in love with Caroline Spencer. Of course there were many obstacles on their way to wedded bliss, including Brooke, as well as Ridge’s brother Thorne, whom Caroline was briefly married to. Sadly, shortly after she and Ridge finally tied the knot, Caroline died from leukemia.

Caroline’s father, Bill Spencer, Sr., was a publishing tycoon and raised his daughter as a single parent after her mother passed away. Bill was not happy about Ridge and Caroline’s relationship and did everything in his power to break them up.

Aside from sabotaging his daughter’s relationship with Ridge, Bill also formed a friendship with Stephanie and had a relationship with Margo Lynley who was pregnant with Clarke Garrison’s baby, but Bill adopted anyway.