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B&B Breakdown For the Week of April 20!

I found it interesting there was no follow up to Eric’s reaction of learning Stephanie is working for Jackie M. He found out on Friday with Donna and Steffy and then wasn’t on this whole week. It would have been nice to see him confront her. Hopefully that will happen in time.

I was also amused that on Monday, while the Jackie M gang was in the same scene as they were on Friday celebrating their success, Donna and Steffy, who had just watched the fashion show, albeit on TV, were all of a sudden at Steffy’s bridal shower that was in full swing. I realize soap time and travel is different than in the real world, but when it’s paralleled against related situations that haven’t changed, it’s too obviously contrived. Not only that, but wow! What a sad little shower that was. Only Brooke, Donna, Katie and Madison attended. I suppose it’s better to not fill it up with faces we don’t recognize, but it really brings home the point that no one has any friends on this show.

Watching Rick squirm this week was great fun. The king of smarm is finally getting what’s coming to him and Steffy did a great job of holding her ground, not being too dramatic and just telling him to buzz off! It is so nice on soaps when people get their comeuppance isn’t it?