A plan.

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to the mid-2000s when Phoebe Forrester tried to keep Shane McGrath close to her for the sake of her mother’s freedom…

These days Maya is taking advantage of Rick’s insecurities and vulnerability regarding Caroline and Forrester Creations. Years ago, Phoebe used Shane’s interest in her in order to help Taylor. At the time, Taylor was in jail for hitting Darla with Shane as a witness. The Forrester family took Shane in, as he’d changed his mind from blackmailing them to testifying on Taylor’s behalf. Phoebe was attracted to the older guy – at first – but became uneasy in light of his advances.

One day while relaxing by the pool, Shane expressed just how much he liked Phoebe. She tried to convince him how appreciative she was that he’d agreed to help get Taylor released from jail, but Shane wanted Phoebe to show him her gratitude. Shane then kissed Phoebe, who quickly asked him to stop. When she turned to leave Shane grabbed her arm, determined to show her just how much he liked her. Someone appeared to warn Shane off and tried to privately convince Phoebe to stay away from the creep. However, Phoebe planned to continue the charade in order to insure Shane testified so her mother could come home.

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