No, no, no, no! (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of October 13 – 17:

There wasn’t as much movement in the storylines this week as in some, but there was still plenty to discuss. Thoughts:

Doesn’t play well with others.
It seemed like Eric saying this to Ridge was a bit of foreshadowing. If Ridge gets his way and becomes CEO it probably won’t be good for anyone but him and maybe the couture division.

Once in a lifetime.
Poor Caroline all in a tizzy over her fantasies and wanting to be stoned in the town square. And Ridge using it to his advantage. Or is he using her? It may have started out that way, and to be honest the idea was kind of tainting the chemistry between them, but wait – at week’s end Ridge kissed Katie and her face changed to Caroline’s. Is he developing real feelings for her? Vote in’s B&B Poll: Is Ridge using Caroline?

Blah, blah, blah.
Why haven’t Ally or Liam ever asked Hope why she married Wyatt three seconds after Liam didn’t show at the Eiffel Tower? She didn’t have to marry him, she didn’t have to do anything, and she shouldn’t have married him if he was second choice, which is how they’re making it out to be now. Hope wringing her hands and wondering how this happened is exasperating. It happened because you married Wyatt and had unprotected sex with him. Next question! The endless repetitive conversations surrounding Hope and Liam are just agonizing to sit through anymore.