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“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of September 29 – October 3:

It was a solid week given that not everything was about Hope’s situation, so viewers got to see other characters, and a new one – welcome John Forrester! Thoughts:

Out of the equation.
“I’m taking myself out of the equation” was Brooke’s catchphrase of the week. She started things off by unceremoniously dashing Deacon’s dreams of a reconciliation, and then put Bill on hold for the umpteenth time while she rushed over to discuss the situation with Eric of all people. Conveniently, a huge crisis had developed at the Milan office of Forrester Creations, which inspired Brooke to start talking like a self-help book and decide to ‘remove herself from the equation’ by relocating overseas. It’s more than a stretch to believe Brooke would put anything before her destiny, aka, current lover, but there it is.

Call 911!
That Katie can really bring the realistic panic and tears. Gah! Seeing Bill and Katie work together to save Will from choking, and interact as a family, played into Brooke’s decision to ‘remove herself from the equation’ as well. I couldn’t help thinking it’s just a tad presumptuous for Brooke to decide what’s best for them, particularly since Katie is engaged to Ridge. Hehe. Why didn’t Katie immediately suspect that Brooke had some sort of plan to get Ridge back when she announced that Katie needed to reconcile with Bill? What do you think? Vote in’s B&B Poll: Should Katie reconcile with Bill?

I’ll eat your pie, Quinn.
The sexual innuendo was alive and well over at the warehouse this week as Deacon offered to eat pie and plumb pipes before silencing eternally yappy Quinn with a deep kiss. While they may not be an ‘endgame’ couple, they are certainly a fun diversion. A dysfunctional and hot duo. Deacon also brought up Ricardo’s death, which it’s worth noting was kind of dropped – the investigator never came back to question Quinn. What’s up with that?