Lies from the past.

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Samantha Kelly returned to Los Angeles and learned the truth…

It’s only a matter of time before Ridge’s secret will be revealed to Eric, who will surely have to reevaluate his position at Forrester. Years ago, another secret was uncovered, which forced Samantha and Hector Ramirez to face the past. Samantha gave birth to her and Hector’s baby at the age of seventeen. After telling Samantha her baby had died, her mother shipped her off to New York. Letters to Hector went unanswered and returned, which forced Samantha to move on with her life.

Years later she returned to LA as a famous designer. Between the sudden death of someone close to her and coming face to face with Hector, memories of the baby she lost came flooding back. Samantha couldn’t understand why Hector wouldn’t speak to her until the truth was revealed… Their daughter Caitlin hadn’t died and Hector and Samantha had spent years apart due to the separate lies her mother had told each of them in order to keep them apart.

Do you remember whose death reminded Samantha of the daughter she thought she lost and the pain of the past? Please post your answer from the choices below into our comment section. (This is a temporary format while is between poll providers.)

Whose death brought back memories of the daughter Samantha believed had died?

– Preston Kelly, her father.
– Priscilla Kelly, her mother.
– Joshua Spencer, her son.
– Becky Moore, her good friend.
– Pucci, her beloved dog.

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– Amy Mistretta