Credit: Trouble. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of September 22 – 26:

The shift toward Maya’s plan by week’s end was a welcome relief from all of the Hope-centric episodes. Why do we always end up feeling like we’re watching “The Hope Logan Show?” Thoughts:

Cry wolf.
Erm…what can you say about the train wreck that is Hope and her storyline? It’s enough to make one’s head spin. She made a conscious decision to marry Wyatt after assuming that Liam didn’t want to be with her, and instead of owning that choice, she was ready to throw Wyatt over and reunite with Liam after learning the real reason he didn’t show up on time – you know, the reason she never bothered to find out before going ahead and marrying his brother. Apparently she also took a ‘leap of faith’ where birth control was concerned, and with an air of self-sacrifice, announced to Liam that she was pregnant with Wyatt’s baby, and therefore giving him up to make a life with her default family. Liam, who lost a baby with Steffy, then suggested they just have the pregnancy dealt with and no one would ever have to know she’d been knocked-up. Hope couldn’t do that, and couldn’t raise the child with him because then she’d be like Brooke – because sleeping with two brothers and marrying them willy-nilly hasn’t already made her like her mother. After a good sob, Hope made her way home and compounded the tackiness of telling Liam about her pregnancy first by not telling Wyatt at all. Happy that she was staying with him, Wyatt enthused about the spontaneous adventures they’d have together, and Hope responded by saying she is actually a planner. You know, just not with the marriage to him and getting pregnant when she wasn’t ready to start a family. Sigh. Who knows what her Hope For the Future fans will make of all this?

If Wyatt is done with Quinn and she’s out of his life and he blames her etc, why is she allowed in the house every hour or so, and why does he keep debating with her and giving her information? Argh!

Don’t ever touch me again!
I got a kick out of Ivy surprising Quinn in her own warehouse, but things went downhill from there as Ivy started out strong, but got drawn into a discussion about falling for Liam. Why would she talk to Quinn about that, or anything?