Charlie, super detective. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of September 8 – 12:

It was a quirky week on “B&B,” with some crazy, questionable things happening and some magic in the air. Thoughts:

Drop the cat off.
Really, though, what’s wrong with these people? While Ivy is bringing a fresh dynamic to the Hope/Wyatt/Liam stuff, frankly, it’s difficult to relate to, or root for any of them. Hope and Liam are sharing custody of a cat, Ivy wants a guy who clearly loves someone else, Hope always seems to want what she doesn’t have, Liam mooches around alternately sulking and kissing Ivy, and Wyatt, most bizarrely, wants to move Hope into the house she previously inhabited with Liam. Did his husband handbook not advise against this? Weirdos!

Keep your trap shut.
The theme of Bill and Quinn being so much alike continued this week as Bill confirmed he would keep Quinn’s secret, basically because it suited him to do so. It was kind of fun to see him growling at her about ‘no more games’, as though he was actually in control. Sorry, Bill, that’s just an illusion Quinn is allowing you to enjoy. Muahaha!