Meddling mother.

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2001 when Brooke Logan Forrester tried to prevent her son Rick from remarrying Amber Moore…

Maya currently wants nothing more than to break up Rick and Caroline in order to have him for herself. Years ago, Brooke didn’t want Rick to remarry Amber and tried to use another girl to prevent that from happening. Brooke warned Amber to call off the wedding to her son, but Stephanie urged Amber not to let Brooke bother her, claiming she was simply looking out for Rick.

Brooke refused to stop meddling and traveled with Thorne to San Francisco to watch Rick play in a tennis competition. While there, Brooke observed Rick with his friends and enlisted the help of Charlie Espinada to snap a photo of Rick and one girl in particular in a comprising position. Though Charlie urged the girl to play along, and Thorne warned Brooke to stop interfering, her plan didn’t work and Rick ended up marrying Amber.

Do you remember who the girl was that Brooke hoped to give her the ammo she needed to break up Rick and Amber? Vote in’s “B&B” poll.