Credit: Two peas... (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of September 1 – 5.

It was a short but busy week on “B&B.” Thoughts:

Well things definitely went Deacon’s way when Hope joined him and Brooke in the kitchen, presenting him with the opportunity to show Brooke live and up close just what a functional little family unit the three of them could be. Brooke’s eyes narrowed very thoughtfully as she watched Deacon hug their daughter Hope. The wheels were turnin’…

Blood tells.
Just like that another Forrester/Logan rivalry was established between Ivy and Hope as they battled verbally over Liam. Of course it’s a rehash of Liam/Steffy/Hope complete with Liam saving Ivy from drowning as he did with Steffy in the bathtub, and yet, the verbal sparring between Hope and Ivy was still very satisfying. Perhaps because it’s been so long since Hope’s had anyone heap anything on her other than praise. Ivy didn’t shrink from speaking candidly to Hope and it was refreshing. Loved it.

Back off.
At home, Hope continued to air her grievances regarding her ex and Ivy to her new husband. Not surprisingly, Wyatt didn’t want to hear about it. Ack.