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B&B Breakdown For the Week of April 6!

Another solid week for B&B! I guess the writers have realized we need a break from all the Rick/Steffy drama and are in desperate need of some levity and other stories. In last week’s poll, 51% of you said your favorite thing about last week was that there was less of the duo. Apparently the writers predicted we would need some change.

So instead of the star-crossed, or manipulated, couple (depending on how it’s played for the week), we got more of Owen flirting with both Bridget and Jackie (which was hot on both accounts), Nick and Taylor teaming up to convince Stephanie to work for Jackie M and Stephanie telling Eric and Donna off.

I really enjoyed Nick and Taylor’s scenes together and am interested in seeing if they might explore this more. Jackie keeps warning Katie about Nick and Bridget, but should Katie really be concerned about Nick and Taylor? I wouldn’t mind a Nick/Taylor redux if it’s kept light and fun. Taylor could certainly use some joy in her life and Nick sparks a whole heck of a lot more with Taylor than he does with Katie. I don’t know about you, but his scenes with Katie were a bit of a let down for me after all the other fun we were treated to. It became even more obvious to me that they need to break this couple up stat!

I was all about Stephanie’s, “I am woman hear me roar” speech to Eric at Il Giardino, however, I think they should show Eric looking a bit more like a man than he does lately. I get that his relationship with Donna was originally based on sex and they still have a great sex life, but it’s kind of gross and I think it should be more than just about that. They should have real discussions and maybe be seen working together, instead of just parading around town fondling each other and pouring honey all over each other, because right now, Eric just looks like the dirty old man Stephanie accuses him of being and that doesn’t do much for this legacy character. Especially if the fans are supposed to take him and Donna seriously.