Credit: Ridge? Brooke? Bueller? (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of July 21-25:

Obviously Ridge’s pursuit of the truth and Bill’s pursuit of a bride took up much of the week, but a continued mix of characters kept things fresh. Thoughts on this week’s storylines:

The satchel.
I may have been a touch hasty to judge Deacon last week, assuming he would palm the diamond, because the way Wyatt was flaunting the priceless gem around, just tucked away in his college boy messenger bag, was downright irresponsible. Ivy made mention that Ricardo’s death was big news in the industry, so how did none of the Forresters know about it? You’d think at least one of them would have set up a Google alert or something after he was gracious enough to lend them such a gift to boost their sales. Just sayin’. Still, if Wyatt was going to insist on toting around that huge diamond all the time instead of security, there are much better choices than a beat-up satchel. Guess it’s as close to living life on the edge as he can get without Quinn around.

Unfinished business.
Speaking of Quinn, something about how she left for the looney bin is still very unsettling – and unfinished. This must be how Liam felt, waiting for her to pop out of a dark corner. It did give time for Wyatt to begin to assert himself as an independent, but maybe it’s time for her to come back. Do you think she’s had enough time to get her head on straight? Vote in’s B&B Poll: Should Quinn come back?

Bill summed it up nicely when he called Ridge Smidge this week, which I took to as a mashup of Smug and Ridge. At this point, Ridge has attacked Justin – twice – and tried to toss Bill out over LA traffic. Is that any better than Bill wanting Ridge to “cool off” after flying across the world to ruin his wedding with Brooke over what was really a non-issue for everyone but Ridge? Meh. He comes off just as bad as Bill, if not worse, and those Logan woman should not overlook that. Ridge is no hero, and his constant bullying of Brooke is not romantic for anyone – especially Katie. How much more of his obsession with breaking up Brooke and Bill can she take?