A bit dotty? (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of June 2- 6:

There was plenty of gasp-worthy drama this week on “B&B,” which is what it’s all about. Bravo! Thoughts:

Beach blanket bingo.
From the moment Ridge appeared and called out “Logan!” it was non-stop drama on the beach in Abu Dhabi. Ridge didn’t quite get the reaction he’d hoped for from Brooke when he revealed the incriminating photo. As speculated in last week’s blog, the selfie wasn’t a deal breaker for Brooke. It did, however, cause enough of a diversion for Ridge to sucker punch Bill and grab a dazed Brooke and drag her up the beach to where a helicopter conveniently landed. Unbeknownst to Ridge, who assumed it was the one he’d arranged for, it was actually Justin arriving to pick up Bill and Brooke after their ceremony. Ridge stuffed Brooke inside and clambered in behind her while she yammered about her ruined wedding. Was anyone else furious at Brooke by this point for acting so helpless? Hehe. Next, Bill, who had dusted himself off and was now taking in the scene unfolding before him, gave Justin the nod to take off and followed up with orders to ‘cool’ Ridge off…in the Persian Gulf. Who wasn’t hooting out loud when they realized the pilot was Justin? So soapy! Oh and that shot they keep showing of Ridge falling with the water behind him is priceless. Great stuff!

Evil and delusional.
It was interesting that Katie used the phrase ‘evil and delusional’ to describe Quinn when they were arguing. Some would say that Katie qualifies as delusional herself for not having a major issue with Ridge flying across the world in pursuit of Brooke. Anyway, the confrontation between Quinn and Katie was a delight to watch. The match went to Katie who smugly slung one hard truth after another in Quinn’s direction.