Only me... (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of May 26 – 30:

The best thing about “B&B” this week was that it was entirely free of the Hope love triangle. Woot! The buzz was all about Quinn’s selfie and the Brooke and Bill wedding that may never be. Thoughts:

Queen of denial.
After Donna’s reaction and Ridge obsessing over Brooke and Bill to the point of actually taking off for the Middle East to try and halt the wedding (and only calling Katie after he’d set out), one would think Katie would have seen the light. But no, she was over at Forrester by week’s end blaming Quinn for Ridge’s actions. Something tells me she’s in for a big letdown. At some point she’ll have to face reality – no matter what Ridge is saying about his feelings for Brooke, his actions are speaking louder than words. What do you think? Vote in’s B&B Poll: Is Ridge still in love with Brooke?

Romance junkie.
Brooke certainly got her fair share of romance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Bill thought of everything, and the scenery was dazzling. Loved Brooke and Bill riding the camels!