In the line of fire.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the 1990s when Ivana Vanderveld’s murder led to someone being wrongfully accused and another person shot…

It is becoming apparent to many that Quinn is to blame for Ridge’s disappearance. Years ago, Thorne was blamed for murder and during the quest to clear his name someone else almost met their untimely fate. Thorne had dated a Forrester model named Ivana Vanderveld before he and Macy began singing and touring together. Ivana became jealous and borderline stalkerish after Thorne proposed to Macy. She sent Macy some nasty fan mail and was blamed for numerous threatening letters that followed, due to the police matching the stationary with that in her apartment. However, when Ivana was murdered with Thorne’s letter opener it was apparent both he and his former flame had been framed.

Anthony Armando was obsessed with Macy and used his romantic past with Ivana and ‘his devastation’ over her death to gain Macy’s sympathy. When Thorne uncovered the same stationary as Ivana’s in Anthony’s possession, he knew he’d been set up and rushed to protect Macy. Though Thorne was able to get Anthony to confess to Ivana’s murder, while trying to get him to confess to Macy on tape someone was shot.

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