The first of many.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1987 when Brooke Logan became engaged for the very first time…

Brooke has been engaged and married numerous times over the years, most recently to Bill Spencer, which has caused quite a fiasco. However, her very first engagement was to a Los Angeles police officer. Brooke didn’t always live in a mansion in an upper-class neighborhood. In fact, she was shunned by certain Forresters and referred to as ‘the girl from the Valley’ (San Fernando Valley).

While pursuing a college degree in chemistry, Brooke worked alongside her mother as a caterer. One horrible night, Brooke was almost raped and quickly bonded with the police officer investigating the attack. The two started dating and became engaged. Things soon changed after Brooke laid eyes on Ridge Forrester, while catering a Forrester party, which ultimately caused her to break off her engagement and began a cycle that would last for years to come.

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