Slowly but surely.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1996 when Sheila Carter poisoned Stephanie Forrester…

This week, Quinn sent Ridge something unexpected along with her jewelry design – a selfie of her and Bill. Years ago, Shelia knowingly added something to Stephanie’s calcium supplement bottle in the name of revenge. Stephanie thought she had lost her best friend Taylor in a plane crash. She went from being distraught to repulsed when Taylor appeared alive and married to Prince Omar of Morocco. Stephanie never thought Brooke was good enough for Ridge and tried everything to push her out of his life and Ridge back into Taylor’s arms.

It wasn’t until a letter surfaced alluding to Brooke rigging a paternity test to pass off Bridget as Ridge’s daughter that Stephanie snapped and made a demand of Brooke. Brooke was one of Shelia’s only friends and considering Shelia loathed Stephanie, she set out to avenge Brooke and put mercury inside the bottle of Stephanie’s calcium supplements. Though it appeared as though Stephanie had been losing her mind Shelia’s actions were uncovered before further damage was done.

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