In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1995 when Rick Forrester and CJ Garrison got into a fistfight…

Testosterone levels have been through the roof these days between Ridge and Bill, due to Bill’s involvement with Brooke. Years ago, though not over a woman, tension was high between Rick (then played by Steven Hartman) and CJ as well. The pre-teens attended school together and were frenemies much like various members of their families, the Forresters and the Spectras. CJ heard things about Rick’s family through his mother Sally and began taunting him at school.

The jabs didn’t end in the halls of the Los Angeles school. While attending an event that both their families were at CJ said something that really set Rick off. So much so that Rick ended up punching CJ in the face, which led to a fight. Rick’s parents worried about his temper and sent him to therapy with Dr. Taylor Hayes, where he admitted he wanted his mother and father to reunite. Over the next few months, his battle with CJ continued and during one altercation CJ ended up with a bowl of chocolate mousse over his head.

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