In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Thomas Forrester found out that Amber Moore had targeted his father…

Katie recently delivered a shocking blow to Brooke by announcing that she and Ridge were getting married. Years ago, Thomas received a few surprises as well during a time when he felt very alone in life. Thomas understandably had a hard time when everyone believed his mother Taylor had died. He lashed out at his father and Brooke and began to look up to Bridget as a mother figure. Finding out Brooke had slept with Bridget’s husband Deacon only upset him more and landed him in the hospital after fueling his anger with a bottle of vodka.

Thomas became attracted to Caitlin Ramirez. After she ditched him for Rick Forrester, Thomas started hanging around with Rick’s ex-wife Amber. Ridge had a fit and took out a restraining order on Amber. She wouldn’t give up on Thomas without a fight and found out Ridge and Bridget once had feelings for each other. When an incriminating photo of Ridge and Bridget didn’t do the trick, she trapped them in a camera-rigged mineshaft hoping their feelings would lead to something that would give her footage to blackmail Ridge with. However, something happened that she hadn’t counted on… Both Ridge and Thomas found out what she’d been up to.

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