Close call.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Hope Logan almost died as a young child…

Oliver and Ally may be using the Forrester Estate’s swimming pool for some fun in the sun these days, but years ago Hope (then played by Amanda and Rachel Pace) almost drowned in her family’s hot tub. There was a fight for visitation going on at the time. Brooke refused to allow Deacon Sharpe, Hope’s biological father, to be a part of her life due to his past drinking problem. She was also engaged to Nick Marone, who Hope looked up to as a father and felt Nick was enough for the daughter she’d had with her other daughter Bridget’s former husband.

Deacon drew the line when Brooke asked him to sign over his parental rights in order for Nick to adopt Hope. Nick extended an olive branch to show Deacon he had Hope’s best interests at heart and promised to grant Deacon visitation if he complied. Nick treated Hope as if she were his own and protected her just the same. One day while near the hot tub at Brooke’s, Nick noticed Hope facedown in the water and pulled her to safety. Though she experienced seizures and fell into a temporary coma, Nick was credited with saving her life.

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