Eric's way. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of March 31 – April 4:

No complaints this week – lots of “B&B” boardroom intrigue, a toned-down Ally, and more Oliver than we’ve had in a long while. Thoughts:

Can’t get enough.
Bill’s campaign to win Brooke back definitely got on more solid ground this week, despite Quinn hiding in the closet with a flogger. Luckily for him she is keeping quiet…for now. How long can that last?

Creative differences.
How much of a brute did Ridge look like when he fired our sweet Oliver? Ally might have set fire to Ridge’s head if Eric hadn’t reversed the decision. As Oliver repeatedly reminded us, he’s not a Forrester, but maybe that’s why we love him. I don’t get Oliver’s interest in Ally, however their interaction at Bikini was kind of cute. Most entertaining was Maya getting an eyeful while dining with old cardboard Carter and sniping about Ally being too young. That girl was jelly! What’s your opinion on Oliver’s love life? Vote in’s B&B Poll: Who should Oliver date?