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In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1989 when Darla Einstein found a place with a new family in Los Angeles…

Ally had to grow up without a mother and currently believes she’s receiving advice from Darla’s ghost. Years ago, Darla hadn’t grown up with a mother either. Her childhood left her feeling very insecure in life and it wasn’t until Darla was hired as Sally Spectra’s assistant that she found a true home. Sally and her sidekick Saul Feinberg treated Darla like a daughter.

The dating scene was much like Darla’s childhood, full of disappointments. Darla had a relationship with Bill Spencer Sr. and even gave in to Clarke Garrison once. However, the night she landed in bed with Thorne Forrester, who’d been drunk and thought she was Macy, changed her life for good. Darla became pregnant and initially decided to terminate the pregnancy. Thorne found out and convinced Darla to allow him and Macy to raise the baby. Macy ended up leaving Thorne, and in turn Darla gave birth to Ally and planned to raise her with Thorne… and to give her baby the family she never had.

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