Caught between two rivals.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the 1990s when Kimberly Fairchild found out that working at Forrester Creations wasn’t always about glitz and glamour…

There’s no telling where Oliver’s life will go next, considering he’s been fired from Forrester. Years ago, a job that was expected to bring so much joy brought only humiliation for Kimberly. Brooke handpicked Kimberly to model Forrester’s showstopper. Kimberly was so excited and took her place on the runway like a pro. However, the back of the dress was hooked on the runway and ripped off as she began her graceful walk. Left there with her backside exposed, Kimberly was humiliated.

Kimberly was close to the Spectras, who believed the Forresters purposely rigged the dress incident to embarrass Kimberly. The Forresters in turn thought the Spectras caused it in order to ruin their show and give Spectra Fashions a boost. The battle got so intense that Thorne and Kimberly’s sister Macy broke up over it. Kimberly turned her animosity toward Brooke, believing she had a hand in Thorne and Macy’s demise. However, Brooke extended an offer to Kimberly, a permanent modeling gig, and hoped to forget the whole thing.

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