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A look at “The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of February 24 – 28:

So much to love this week on “B&B,” what with the comic relief and the very unexpected reveal about Ally! Thoughts:

Little dagger.
Last Friday’s episode, with Liam throwing up a little bit in his mouth at the sight of Bill and Quinn, was one of the best in memory, and left us eagerly awaiting what came next. We weren’t disappointed. Quinn and Bill are deliciously nasty together, and the scenes with Hope hearing noises and asking Liam if Bill was ‘alright up there’ were simply hilarious.

You can’t marry my mother.
While there’s definitely an argument for Hope being the wrong person to judge others when it comes to relationship snafus, she served well enough as the voice of reason, and even conveniently helped spirit Brooke across the ocean so Katie and Ridge could figure things out. One can’t help but think Brooke will be ticked when she finds out all of this, but then again, Hope is the one person Brooke won’t stay angry with.

Talkin’ about the threads.
It seems getting laid was exactly what Bill needed to get his mojo back. We could sense his old swagger had returned, and Brooke seemed to as well, as she didn’t send him packing quite as quickly this time. As for his so-far-secret romp with Quinn, something tells me Bill is going to face some big regrets about going there – especially if he’s able to win back his ‘prom queen’, Brooke. Quinn, for all her bunny-boiler tendencies, made a good point about her and Bill being very much alike and ruthless – there’s very little doubt she could give him what he wants, and would know when to give it to him. Haha! Loving the scenes with these two…