Whew. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of February 17 – 21:

Viewers had to put up with some wallowing and yammering early in the week on “B&B,” but it was more than worth it in the end! Thoughts:

Can’t happen fast enough.
While Ridge was busy reassuring the likes of Rick and Eric that he was committed to Brooke, he said that the wedding couldn’t happen fast enough. It sounded like he was eager, but also like he wanted to get it over with – too funny.

Meant to be.
The vice-president of Katie’s life really ramped upped his campaign this week, seemingly to no avail. Liam yammered, cajoled, coaxed, theorized, and yammered some more, but still Katie maintained that she would not do to Brooke what she did to her. Perhaps he got through to her after all, however, given how things played out.

Do this for all of us.
Of course Brooke had no idea of Katie’s feelings for Ridge when she badgered her into being her matron of honor, however, it was still a touch pushy considering the drama they were still recovering from. Had to laugh at the look on Katie’s face when Brooke was going on about Katie being a paragon of honesty and virtue!

Bad bet.
While Bill drank and grumbled to Liam about Brooke marrying Ridge it came across that he had genuine feelings for her and it wasn’t just about winning or losing or getting his own way. I felt for him!