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“B&B” Breakdown for the week of February 10 – 14:

It’s been an interesting week on “B&B, mainly revolving around the Brooke/Ridge/Katie/Bill quadrangle. Thoughts:

The end.
After Liam spotted her rather intimate moment with Ridge and asked about it, the possibility that she might actually want to swap ex-spouses with her sister became all too real for Katie. She told Ridge in no uncertain terms that they could only be friends and sent him back to Brooke. Clearly it wasn’t an easy decision for Katie, who proceeded to behave irrationally by making Liam the vice-president of Spencer Publications. He must have thought she meant vice-president of her life, because he’s done nothing but try to tell her how to run it ever since. While it’s nice to have Liam focused on something other than his own love life, he’s been a bit much – Katie had to leave her own office to get away from him! I wonder if it will ever occur to him that his reasons for Brooke and Ridge not being together also fit for him and Hope.

Set the date.
During the bizarre Forrester meeting that dissolved into a discussion about Hope’s love life and then put the spotlight on Carter and Maya tying the knot, it became clear that Maya is beginning to have doubts about marrying Carter. Here’s hoping they put her out of her misery soon since she had more chemistry with Oliver in one kiss than in her entire relationship with Carter. Even in their love scenes it feels like Maya is pretending or trying to convince herself she feels something she doesn’t. She needs to let herself off the hook.