She’s alive.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1995 when Taylor Forrester secretly returned to Los Angeles and pretended to be a hospital volunteer in order to get close to Ridge…

Taylor is set to return to the canvas tomorrow. Years ago, she made her way back to town as well. Taylor had been living in Morocco with Prince Omar, who’d nursed her back to health after she’d been mugged and presumed dead during a business trip. Though her memory returned and she vowed to let Ridge (previously played by Ronn Moss) go after witnessing how happy him and Brooke were on their Moroccan honeymoon, Taylor secretly returned to Los Angeles when word came that her father had suffered a heart attack.

Upon arriving home Taylor became aware that Ridge had been involved in an accident at the Forrester Lab. Hospitalized and blind, Ridge had no idea that the hospital volunteer with the British accent was really his presumed to be dead wife. Taylor continued to help Ridge recover until she couldn’t take it anymore and finally revealed herself.

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