Go for it? (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of February 3 – 7:

Another solid week for “B&B” moving into February sweeps and Valentine’s Day. Thoughts:

I would know.
Well Bill’s big scoop on Ridge and his mystery man fell flat when he brought it to Brooke. Loved the way Bill crowed that he would have ‘closed the deal’ with Brooke, unlike Ridge. Nevermind that he’s been trying to do just that since before Ridge returned and hasn’t been able to! Too funny.

Risky position.
If Rick is going to continue to let Hope call the shots at Forrester Creations based on the state of her love life at any given moment then perhaps it would be a good idea to put Ridge back in charge – as soon as possible. Yeeps.

Beers at Bikini.
Oliver looked damn good at Bikini this week. Just sayin’…