Tricks and lies.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1994 when Connor Davis and Karen Spencer tricked each other, which led to a wedding…

Pam recently took a very big risk by pulling one over on Quinn. Years ago, Karen pulled one over on Connor in the form of payback. When Karen and Connor started dating she insisted that he get tested for HIV. Connor did as Karen asked, and the test came back negative. She still felt pressured to have sex and wanted to take things slow but Connor didn’t want to wait. He plied Karen with liquor and they made love. Connor confided in Macy that he hadn’t worn a condom, and Macy in turn warned Karen, who set out for a little payback.

Karen believed Connor needed to be taught a lesson and told him she was pregnant. Little did Connor know, she had used a diaphragm and wasn’t really with child. Connor wanted to make an honest woman out of Karen and stunned her with a surprise wedding. As vows were exchanged, Karen came forward and confessed the truth. Connor needed time to think before signing the marriage certificate and later went on a date that upset Karen so much she left him and Los Angeles behind.

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