A special place.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to the early 1990s when Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes made St. Thomas their special place…

Wyatt just embarked on a special trip with Hope. Years ago, Ridge followed Taylor away on a trip to St. Thomas, where the two found refuge on more than one occasion. From the beginning Ridge had always been torn between Taylor and Brooke. He was attracted to Taylor while his father was married to Brooke but slept with Brooke after Stephanie tricked them to believe Eric no longer wanted her. Brooke wanted to leave Eric, who agreed to give her a divorce if she stayed with him for two more months. Ridge had had enough of the games and followed Taylor to St. Thomas.

Taylor didn’t want anything to do with Ridge at this point and warned if he didn’t leave the island she would. However, Ridge won her over with a romantic proposal, and Taylor agreed to marry him. The couple hit many more roadblocks involving Brooke, including her uncertainty if the baby she’d been carrying (Bridget) had been Ridge or Eric’s. Years later, Taylor, now divorced from Ridge, found out she was pregnant and planned to pass the baby off as Thorne’s. The paternity of baby Thomas, named after their special island, soon came out.

It wasn’t long before Ridge and Taylor were remarried and found themselves back on St. Thomas. Do you remember why they returned this time? Vote in our “B&B” poll below.