Parking Bill. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of January 6 – 10:

This week we were glad to get out of Hawaii despite the Polar Vortex. Thoughts:

Let it blow away.
After Monday’s episode viewers had a reprieve from the beautiful flower talk and endless kissing in Hawaii, which was much appreciated. Hope’s return on Friday saw her confronting Quinn about her interference and dealing with Liam, who clearly is still tracking her GPS. It was mildly interesting that she admitted to dating Wyatt, but very discouraging to hear Liam announce that he would wait for her and work to prove his point about Wyatt and Quinn. Urgh…will it ever, ever end?

Park your man.
Oh you have to admire the sheer nerve of Brooke beating a path to Katie’s door to start the process of having her take Bill off her hands now that Ridge is back. It was entertaining to see Katie call her on it too.

Their savior.
So it’s back to the ready-to-wear versus couture debate at Forrester Creations, and to Rick versus Ridge. It’s a little bit ‘been there done that’ in that we’ve heard all the arguments before when it was Thomas and Rick going head-to-head, so hopefully there will be some sort of twist. What would actually be more entertaining is if Forrester Creations had to go up against a competing fashion house again – might take their minds off the continual in-fighting. Offensive this week was Thorne being unceremoniously shipped off to fill Ridge’s vacant position at International. With Ally back, it made sense to have him around, plus it might have been interesting for him to get a love life since he’s one of the hottest men on the show.