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“B&B” Breakdown for the week of December 30 – January 3:

Happy New Year to all! This week things got a little ‘been there, done that’ with a couple of stories, but Ridge and Quinn kept things interesting. Thoughts:

Make me understand.
Ridge’s reaction to Brooke telling him she’d had an affair with her sister’s husband was quite realistic. “At what point did you two decide any of this was okay despite what Katie said?” Indeed. What is completely unrealistic is Ridge not having heard a word about this while he was abroad – it’s not like he was holed up in an igloo near the Arctic Circle with no means of communication and no contact with human beings. Jeeze!

So Hope sent Liam packing from Hawaii, and then let Wyatt spend his tropical vacation catering to her while she moped about her ex and refused to leave the room. Wyatt provided entertainment, food, jewelry, and even Hawaiian legends and lore, all for a couple of smiles and kisses. I guess Wyatt realized when Hope invited herself along that she’d be bringing all her baggage, but still, it would have been refreshing to see him get a little turned-off by her sulking. As for Liam and Hope’s situation, at this point the double-standards and hypocrisy are mind-boggling. Get married or give it up.

Holding up.
The writing is on the wall a bit for Katie and Ridge, who tenderly held her after getting to the core of her pain and not allowing her to get away with telling him she was ‘fine’. Methinks Brooke will be getting a taste of her own medicine before too long. Some actually found themselves thinking Ridge might kiss Katie when New Year’s hit, and wanted it, such was the chemistry they shared while in close proximity.