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“B&B” Breakdown for the week of December 23 – 27:

It was an eventful and at times intense week on “B&B.” Thoughts:

Round and round it goes.
So Hope saw Liam with Steffy and ran off to join Wyatt. Liam pursued them to set the record straight. He asked Hope why she would throw in the towel and turn to Wyatt before even seeking an explanation. Funny, since he quickly turned to Steffy every time he had a misunderstanding with Hope in the past. That’s the problem with this storyline – it’s an endless loop of sameness that now just elicits a great big, “Who cares!” They’re all hypocrites and they’ve been in the same position more than enough times to have learned how to deal with it differently, yet they don’t. It’s exhausting and based on the huge misconception that all viewers give a crap who Hope marries. The girl needs to fade into the background for a while, have fun and gain life experience. Wyatt has brought some new flavor to the mix and that might be interesting to explore, but he’s basically just a male version of Steffy as they’re using him in this triangle business. The kicker is that Donna and Quinn sparring over Liam going to Hawaii was way more entertaining than Liam confronting Hope and Wyatt in Hawaii, which was a scene we could recite, twitching and grimacing, in our sleep. Time for change!

The Christmas gathering at the Forrester mansion was as heart-warming as ever, with Stephanie never far from their minds and Ridge surprising Brooke with R.J’s return.

Business brief.
Ridge versus Rick at Forrester Creations has a lot of promise. It was strange to see Thorne grinning away at Ridge – have to wonder how long that will last.