Dangerous love.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to the early 1990s when Felicia Forrester found herself in love and in trouble, both due to a man named Zach…

Old flames are currently being reignited in Los Angeles. Years ago, Felicia (then played by Colleen Dion) traded in an old flame for a new one. Felicia had parted ways with Jake Maclaine and quickly fell for Zach, a Bikini Bar employee who’d been presumed dead. Zach fell for Felicia as well and confided that he’d been in hiding after killing the man who he believed had been responsible for his mother’s death. He went into further details of his past and admitted how his father had ruined their lives with his gambling, which had ultimately led to the loss of his mother. With the debt still outstanding, Zach had been ordered by a man named Ganz to kill his own father.

Ganz knew how much Zach cared for Felicia and wanted to drive home to Zach just how serious he’d been with his orders. Though Ganz didn’t succeed in raping Felicia, he and Zach finally came to an understanding, which freed Zach from any further obligations due to father’s debts. Felicia was stunned to find out that Zach’s father was the man dating her mother. Upon learning the truth, Stephanie broke up with Zach’s father and tried to get Felicia away from Zach. However, the young couple couldn’t bear to be pulled apart and left Los Angeles together.

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