Not again! (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of December 16 – 20:

It was a week of classic “B&B” type stories with Ridge’s return and another aborted attempt at a Hope/Liam wedding. Fun!

Revved up and ready.
Well, watching Eric and Ridge reunite and rehash all the lame nonsensical reasons Ridge dumped Brooke, missed his mother’s death, and stayed in Europe, was all fine and good, but what viewers were really waiting for was the reunion of Ridge and Brooke. It didn’t disappoint. Although it was a tad sappy to repeat the rose petal in the water scenario, NuRidge had me at ‘Logan’ what with the electrically-charged moment on the stairs and the knee-wobbling kiss. Very hot. It’s also delightfully soapy how he assumed Brooke’s life has basically been at a standstill without him and announced that he wants to essentially move back in and pick up where they left off. “We’ll celebrate later.” Such confidence! It will be interesting to see how he reacts to the news of Dollar Bill having moved in on his territory, and indeed, how Bill reacts to the reappearance of Ridge. Testosterone central!

Good news.
Who else just wanted to throttle Quinn in the Paris office? Not only did she listen to Steffy’s call, but she didn’t even give her space afterward, just started right in pushing her agenda. Overbearing much? Such a turn-off, which is exactly how we’re probably supposed to feel about Quinn at this point – so bravo!

Whisper, whisper.
It was a kick seeing Donna and Eric whisper-chatting about Ridge’s return and what it would mean for Brooke – love Donna and Eric together. Also, they individually cornered Brooke to grill her about whether she’s told Ridge anything about Bill, or Bill anything about Ridge yet. Plus, Brooke had to contend with Bill sidling up to her and talking about how the next wedding will be theirs. Brooke must have been just gritting her teeth. Hilarious.