In the holiday spirit.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers just a few years back to 2006 when Stephanie Forrester finally forgave her mother Ann Douglas and let go of the past…

Felicia, Tony and Kristen returned to Los Angeles for the holidays and along with Eric reminisced about past Christmases with Stephanie. A few years ago, Stephanie was able to finally include her mother in the family’s Christmas tradition after many years of dealing with the pain of her past. Stephanie had been known to fly off the handle and soon realized she needed to regain control of her anger. She turned to Taylor for help and began therapy. During this time, memories from Stephanie’s past came rushing back, which revealed that her father had abused her and her mother had never believed her.

Taylor convinced Stephanie to confront her mother once again, and with Eric by her side, she went to Chicago. Ann accused Stephanie of over-exaggerating, and Stephanie then wrote her off once again. Eric knew Stephanie would never be at peace and brought Ann to Los Angeles with Pam in an attempt to fix their family. Even though Ann finally admitted she hadn’t stopped the abuse, due to having been afraid of her husband, Stephanie refused her. However, something took place later that night that changed Stephanie’s mind.

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