Parental interference.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the late 1970s when Stephanie Forrester’s interference in her son’s life caused him to lose not one but two babies…

Quinn continues to interfere in Hope and Liam’s relationship in order to assure her son Wyatt ends up with the woman of his dreams. Years ago, Stephanie’s interference caused Ridge to lose one child and later inadvertently another.

Off-screen, back when Ridge Forrester and Morgan DeWitt were teenagers, she became pregnant with his child. Stephanie found out, felt as though her son’s life would be ruined and convinced Morgan to have an abortion. Morgan never recovered from the emotional damage and felt as though Stephanie ruined her life in exchange for Ridge to live a carefree one.

Years passed and Morgan returned to Los Angeles to not only get revenge on Stephanie but to do so by having Ridge’s baby. Ridge had no idea Morgan had been pregnant or of his mother’s involvement in the termination. Morgan reconnected with Ridge and became good friends with his wife Taylor. In fact, everyone shared such a good rapport that something made Ridge believe that Taylor had been okay with him sleeping with Morgan in order to replace the baby she had lost. When Taylor uncovered the truth, she confronted Morgan, who’d become pregnant, which resulted in Morgan falling down the stairs and losing Ridge’s baby once again.

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