Completing their family.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Antonio and Kristen Dominguez adopted Zende…

Ridge Forrester will be returning to Los Angeles very soon to rejoin the Forrester family fold. Years ago, Antonio and Kristen added a new member to their family in the form of a little boy named Zende. The newly married couple first set eyes on Zende while they were honeymooning in Africa. While sightseeing they noticed something missing. Zende appeared, saved the day and quickly won Antonio and Kristen’s hearts.

Zende invited Antonio and Kristen to visit him before they returned to Los Angeles. They were stunned to find that he lived in an orphanage and had been left without parents and a brother, who had all died of AIDS. Though Zende paid his way by helping with the younger children at the orphanage, Antonio and Kristen learned that he would most likely end up on the streets when he became too old to live there.

Antonio and Kristen sadly said goodbye to Zende and returned home. However, Antonio, having been HIV-positive himself, couldn’t get Zende out of his mind and neither could Kristen. They quickly made arrangements to adopt the boy and returned to Africa to tell Zende the happy news.

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