Cooking with gas! (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of November 25 – 27:

The ‘short’ week revolved mainly around Bill’s issues, Brooke and Katie, and Hope’s dinner plans. Thoughts:

Men will come and go…
It’s a relief to see that Katie isn’t forgiving Brooke outright and is keeping the ‘Logan sisters’ hype at arm’s length – it wouldn’t be realistic for her to welcome Brooke back into her life with open arms at this point, despite the papers/leaves switcheroo. It was interesting that she extracted a promise from Brooke to never be involved with Bill again – even though she doesn’t entirely trust her. Who would? The minute Katie left the room, Brooke started reminiscing about kissing Bill!

Tools in the toolbox.
While some are enjoying the new angle with Quinn seeming slightly crazy and dangerous, it’s a little off-putting given that she’s become quite a bit different from how she was at first – a person with a great deal of pride, self-control, and hard-won dignity. Especially when you factor in her manic glee over being connected to the Forrester money, power, and prestige – something she wanted nothing to do with in the beginning!