Skeery Quinn. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of November 18 – 22:

Bill got some just desserts this week, the Wyatt/Liam rivalry heated up, and Ally returned. Thoughts:

Hot off the presses.
While at Liam’s house, Hope was pushing for Liam to accept Wyatt as his brother. It boggles the mind that she expects that to happen while she simultaneously has them competing over her. Wyatt showed up with the photos, knowing Hope wouldn’t be able to resist them, and ended in a series of goofy challenges to prove he’s manlier than Liam, who wound up with a ping-pong ball in the kisser. Cheesy, but funny.

Brooke did this?
It was also good fun seeing Bill, Justin, and Alison staring dumbfounded at the leaves that fell from the fated envelope. It was interesting that Bill ran back over to Brooke’s with his tail between his legs rather than roaring as might have been expected. In other news, Katie began to thaw a bit toward Brooke this week. Do you think it’s time? Let know by voting in our B&B Poll: Do you think Katie should forgive Brooke now?

Bill and Liam were a riot going back and forth about Bill living in the Malibu house and whose house it actually is. It was surprising that Liam agreed to have Bill intercede on his behalf with Wyatt – seems parental interference is fine when it’s in your favor. Of course, Bill was mainly doing it to try and win points with Brooke, which Liam should have realized – he’s pretty Bill-savvy by this point.