Trying to help a friend.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Thomas Forrester married Gabriela Moreno…

Rick and Caroline’s surprise wedding announcement added some excitement to this year’s holiday festivities. Years ago, another wedding brought turmoil to one set of parents in the Forrester family. Thomas became quick friends with the daughter of Stephanie’s maid Helen. After Helen’s death, it was revealed that Gaby’s mother left behind many debts. Though Gaby refused a full ride to college from Stephanie she did accept a job at Forrester Creations and a home at the mansion.

Thomas’ girlfriend Kimberly became threatened by Thomas and Gaby’s closeness but that didn’t stop them from remaining good friends. Thomas slipped from Kimberly’s grasp when he offered to marry Gaby after she found out that her mother hadn’t been a legal US citizen, which in turn meant she hadn’t been either. Taylor and Ridge were furious to learn Thomas had married Gaby in Las Vegas and did everything in their power to end the marriage. Ultimately a design challenge made between Ridge and Thomas, one Thomas lost, ended his marriage to Gaby for good. In the end, Gaby was allowed to stay in the country, even after the annulment, and soon went away to college.

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