Doing what was right.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1998 when Kimberly Fairchild arrived in Los Angeles and fell for Rick Forrester…

Currently, heartache has caused Brooke to decide to pick up the pieces and move on. Years ago, Kimberly tried to do the same after giving Rick up to Amber. Kimberly and her father moved to Los Angeles from Nantucket and were immediately introduced to many at one of Brooke’s parties. Brooke was happy to see Kimberly take a liking to Rick and hoped the new girl would lure him away from Amber.

Rick and Kimberly became high school study partners, which soon led to her developing deeper feelings for Rick. Amber picked up on this and instantly warned Kimberly to stay away from Rick. Finding out that Amber was Rick’s pregnant girlfriend devastated Kimberly. She tried to resist him but then gave into her feelings and planned to break Rick and Amber up. Brooke supported Kimberly’s attempts, as did Eric. It wasn’t until Amber almost lost the baby when Kimberly decided to back away from Rick for the sake of the child. Amber promised Kimberly that she would make Rick happy. Though Kimberly almost went back on her word to stop pursuing Rick, she was in attendance and watched Amber and Rick get married.

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