Fool? (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of November 4 – 8:

Bill’s near-death experience and the fallout have been the main focal point of the week. Thoughts:

The heist and the hero.
After all was said and done at the boutique, it was kind of irritating to know that Wyatt engineered the diamond’s disappearance for publicity, and failed to admit it to Hope, therefore creating yet another misdeed hanging overhead waiting to be revealed, which will no doubt send Hope back in Liam’s direction when it comes out. It’s like Hope ping-pong. Liam does something bad, then Wyatt does something naughty… It just gets to feel predictable and worn out – the constant back and forth within these “B&B” triangles.

A stick up!
Pam rolling into the boutique after the heist growling, “Nobody move. This is a stick up!” and laughing out loud at herself was so funny. Comic gold! Pam and Charlie will make a fun ‘odd couple’ if they get together.