All grown up.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1997 when Margaret Elizabeth Warwick was born and later turned up in Los Angeles as Erica Lovejoy…

Alexandra Forrester recently returned to town after being away most of her childhood. Years ago, another girl reappeared as a teen, one who no one recognized. James Warwick and Sheila Carter shared a drunken night together, which resulted in a pregnancy. James had been married at the time, so Shelia agreed to have the baby and to allow him and his wife Maggie to raise her. After the baby was born, James and Maggie named her Margaret (Mary), and Shelia left town.

Shelia met Amber Moore in Death Valley and was convinced to return to L.A. and reclaim her daughter. James loved his wife but divorced Maggie in order to marry Shelia and to prove she was unfit. Shelia married James and later attempted to take her own life when she found out why he really married her. Surprisingly James fell in love with Shelia and remained in the marriage. However, something happened that put events into motion, which landed Shelia in jail. She ended up escaping, kidnapped baby Mary and left town. It wasn’t until years later when Erica Lovejoy (played by Courtnee Draper) turned up in L.A. and was revealed to be James and Shelia’s daughter Mary.

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