Premonition. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of October 28 – November 1:

It wasn’t the most exciting week ever on “B&B,” perhaps a bit of calm before the storm? It might have been fun to have a Halloween party at Bikini Bar or something to break up the droning on about Bill’s free-climb and how great the diamond’s been for Hope’s line etc… Thoughts:

It’s official.
Liam seemed somewhat astonished – again – that Hope wasn’t dying to put his ring back on and marry him on the spot. It was amusing. Even more entertaining was Hope announcing that she would take a break from her personal life to focus on work (which seems to consist of chatting people up at the boutique), which actually means she will kiss both guys on a regular basis until she feels another perfect wedding coming on.

Proposal story.
Wow, Brooke was so pleased that Rick proposed to Caroline and she didn’t even have to manipulate – how easy was that? It was all very gushy as they told Eric and Brooke about their engagement and teased about being pregnant. Caroline hinting to Eric about him designing her gown was tacky, and so was her idea to blog about their honeymoon. She wasn’t this shallow when she first arrived, right?