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“B&B” Breakdown for the week of October 21 – 25:

Hooray for variety this week, and some comic relief! Thoughts:

Pam got it right this week when she asked Liam if Hope was over-reacting again. Pretty much! Video or not it would be quite unrealistic for Hope to think he doesn’t harbor some feelings for Steffy. Hope told him she couldn’t take his ring back because she has to feel ‘certain’. The reality is she will never be able to feel certain, given their history, and subconsciously she was likely ready to jump at any chance to have some fun with Wyatt – she’s been upfront about being intrigued by him and the attention he pays her. If she was really worried about finding certainty about Liam, she wouldn’t be fluffing off kissing Wyatt.

It doesn’t matter now.
Awkward! It was hard to know how to feel about Maya waiting for Rick at his place and realizing he and Caroline were engaged. In fact, it’s been hard to get a handle on this whole storyline because everything has happened at the speed of light. Rick went from loathing Caroline to being engaged to her, while Maya went from desperately loving Rick to being engaged to Carter, whom she hadn’t even dated, all within a few weeks. At this point, viewers are pretty much just trying to keep up!

You’re better than this.
Hope’s real talk to her mother this week won her a few popularity points. As for Brooke, she pretends to listen and seems to feel guilty, but ultimately she does what she’s always done when in love, which is to stand by her man no matter who gets hurt. Loved the scene with Bill, Brooke, and Hope awkwardly sharing take-out. So funny.

Brotherly scorn.
Liam and Wyatt’s squabbling over Hope is getting tiresome – more action, less talk. It’s also been annoying to see Liam suddenly taking this ‘cop out’ position on what Bill does, when he was always equally as opinionated as Wyatt before his half-brother came on the scene. Seeing them have a go at Bill together would be more interesting.